B2B sales execution super app powered with AI

We give every rep the highest probability to hit their target

• Enable Machine Learning & AI to have more conversations with prospects
• Drive more pipeline & revenue
• Consolidate your sales stack

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Less software,
lower cost,
better ramp,
more revenue, faster

Over the last decade, sales tech stacks became bloated and expensive using anywhere between 3-20 softwares for sales teams to do their job. It's time to put an end to this and focus on the seller and their success with the buyers through a single operating system.

less sofware

Less software,
not more

Stop paying for numerous software and integrating them with each other. Have all the data in one place with superior automation workflows.

better workflow

Better workflow &
faster ramp

Too many browser tabs, logins and a need to know each platform inside out?
No more!

more revenue

More revenue,

This time for real. When you have a single platform to do your job, the output is nearly always higher

Some examples of what
we aim to replace

CapabilityExample SolutionLicense/month
Email sequencingLemlist$59
Email verificationNeverbounce$30
AI assistantLavender$19

What's your cost per rep?

AI capabilities

Buyer & seller categorizationWill allow every user to replicate what works
Email send decisioningSend email at the right time for higher open & reply rates
Predictive dialerDial at the right time to improve connect rates
AI writerImprove copy and reply rates
Sequence builderSequence AI will build top converting sequence

And more...

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